Brief History of Lanolin and Rolex Lanolin Products Limited

Brief History of Lanolin and Rolex Lanolin Products Limited

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Lanolin is the name given to the refined wool grease. Since ancient times, Greeks have used wool grease as a powerful emollient to soothe, protect, and heal the skin.

Today, in modern times – Rolex Lanolin Products Limited (RLPL) is rediscovering lanolin in a new way to use this an ancient remedy. The lanolin in the ancient times is mentioned in De Materia Medica from Dioscorides under the name “Oesypus”.  

Lanolin also has its place in ancient Egyptian history- where primeval Egyptians put blocks of lanolin on their heads. When the lanolin melted and spread over their face- their skin would be made soft. Similarly, therapeutic and pharmaceutical texts regarding lanolin have been written in various cultures- offering us valuable information regarding the guidelines of using lanolin. Now that we are done with the history and etymology of lanolin, let’s learn what lanolin is and what is lanolin used for.

What is Lanolin?

Rolex Lanolin Product Limited defines Lanolin as “a highly refined and purified natural grease that originates as a unique substance secreted by sheep from the sebaceous glands in their skin so as to form a natural protective coating on the wool fibres|”. This unique substance is completely different from the body fat of animals. The crude grease is recovered from the natural greasy wools & finished Lanolin is derived from the said natural grease after intensive refining and a series of other unique processes.

Lanolin is also frequently referred to as Wool Fat (Adeps Lanae) by many of the world's pharmacopoeias even though it has been known for ages that Lanolin is devoid of glycerides and, is in fact, a wax, not a fat.

• Lanolin has a difficult to duplicate soft desirable texture and composition.

• Lanolin accounts for maybe 1 to 30% of the formulations of personal care/ pharmaceutical / health care/ industrial products, but its benefits are undeniably marvellous.

There are many benefits of Lanolin and it is widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications as it is an excellent emollient and has strong emulsifying properties. Thus you can buy lanolin oil and lanolin cream all over the world.

Timeline and History of Rolex Lanolin Products Limited (RLP)

Lanolin is synonymous with Rolex Lanolin Products Limited (RLPL). RLPL has made rapid strides over the years and is the undisputed market leader today. RLPL is also a government recognized Export House. With a ‘state-of-the-art’ manufacturing facility in Gujarat, and their own in-house R&D Centre – Woolfat research Centre.

The RLPL Plant and Laboratory are approved by FDCA Gujarat India and GPCB, and certified under ISO 9001:2008 QMS, ISO 14001:2004 EMS, OHSAS 18001:2007-OHSAS BS & EFfCI (ciGMP) standards.

Rolex Lanolin Products Limited (then Rolex Chemicals) was formed in 1967 under the aegis of Mr. Hasmukh N. Zaveri (Founder / Chairman) with a small manufacturing plant in Mumbai. In 1971 Rolex set up a Larger Plant as a Registered Small-Scale Industry Unit at Andheri. It was here that the commercial production of Lanolin commenced successfully. In 2015, RLPL successfully shifted their manufacturing facilities to the new plant at Vapi, Gujarat.

Rolex Lanolin’s success in developing Lanolin indigenously and commercially manufacturing the same strictly to the Indian Pharmacopoeia standards for the first time in India won them the appreciation from the "The Invention Promotion Board" of the Central Govt. sponsored National Research & Development Corporation.

They were thus presented in 1974 with a coveted Bronze Import Substitution Award and Certificate of Merit by the then Honourable Union Minister for Commerce and Industry of India. Rolex Lanolin’s further success in developing Lanolin as a Cosmetic Intermediate also won them the appreciation from the Federation of Associations of Small-Scale Industries of India (F.A.S.I.I.), and were presented in 1984 with the A. R. Bhatt Entrepreneurship Award by the then Honourable Vice President of India.

RLPL continues to focus on producing excellent quality Lanolin and allied products (of various types, grades & specifications) catering to valued customers globally. They offer over 50 different various types of Lanolins and its derivatives.

Rolex Lanolin Infographic

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Brief History of Lanolin and Rolex Lanolin Products Limited

Lanolin is the name given to the refined wool grease. Since ancient times, Greeks have used wool grease as a powerful emollient to soothe, protect, and heal the skin. ...
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