Lanolin for everyone

How different genders and age groups can use lanolin

Lanolin for everyone

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You always hear of mums using lanolin for soothing their sore/cracked nipples during breastfeeding. Now that your baby is no longer breastfeeding and you still have some of that miracle cream left over, what do you do?

Since Rolex Lanolin Product Limited (RLPL) has brought over lanolin in India some 50 years ago, Indian moms have used RLPL’s Lanolin on themselves as well as their families. Here we have highlighted some uses –

Lanolin for Mums

There are a number of ways mums can use lanolin even after you no longer require its soothing/protecting qualities on your nipples. Here are some ways moms have found to give their skin some much-needed care when they no longer needed lanolin for breastfeeding purposes –

Damaged Cuticles

If your nail care routine has gone out of the window, then you can use lanolin cream to care for your cuticles to soften them up before cutting.

Lip Balm

Lanolin has been used as a moisturizing agent for centuries and has been used in cosmetics for a number of years. Thus, it is no surprise that it helps keep mom’s lips smooth, soft and healthy.

Cracked Heels

Be it a woman or a man, people of all ages have faced few painful cracks on the skin of their heels.  Cracks on heels cannot only make your feet look worn, they can be painful too. Applying some lanolin cream on your heels before getting to bed works like magic and helps keep your feet smooth.

Eyebrow balm

You might have heard of putting lanolin on your face, but did you know that lanolin specifically can be used as an eyebrow balm. You can use a small amount of lanolin and smooth your eyebrows into place.

Lanolin for Dads

If you are one of those men who already their own toiletries stash that contains lanolin, you may already be aware of the benefits of lanolin. If you don’t, however, you can read the following to know how lanolin can come in handy –

Shaving Cuts

Some shaving creams available in the market already have lanolin in them. As lanolin is an excellent emollient, it can be used to soothe shaving cuts and other skin irritations that may pop up on your face.

Sunburns and skin-peeling

Sunburns can happen to any of us, but you’ve probably seen more men that you can count who’d think they can go without and find themselves with sunburns and peeling skin. If such a situation arrives at your household, you can apply some cold water/ice on the sunburn and then put some lanolin on the burn. It must be noted you should not apply lanolin directly on skin burn and should go straight to a healthcare professional or pharmacist for advice if the sunburn is severe.  

Red noses from cold and chaffing

If you are suffering from the flu and your nose is sore- you’ll notice the skin on your nose getting red and irritated. Applying some lanolin on the skin will soothe and help protect the area

Lanolin for Babies and Teens

While baby latching to you for breastfeeding purposes can be one of the reasons you need lanolin originally, it can be used for babies as well as teens after you have stopped breastfeeding. Here are some uses of lanolin for babies and teenagers –

Nappy and Dribble Rashes

Nappy rashes are common occurrences, but they are incredibly uncomfortable for babies.  Highly purified lanolin has the same consistency as a number of barrier balms and is excellent to prevent nappy rashes as well as soothe them.

Another concern new mothers have is of dribble rash which is caused when the baby first starts showing signs of teething. Long before the teeth arrive babies drool a lot and thus develop dribble rash on their chin, neck, and chest. Lanolin can help relieve the pain and aid in protecting the baby’s tender skin.

Scrapped knees

Toddlers are mobile enough to get scrapped knees and minor injuries. Just like some of the other uses of lanolin you can use it to soothe and protect the affected area where there has been some light skin breakage. As always, serious wounds must always be consulted with a healthcare professional.

Acne scars and dry skin

Acne is one of the most common sign of hitting puberty. One of the biggest challenges for teens can be how to get rid of the acne scars and get rid of the spots that make them self-conscious. What’s more, is that hormonal changes in the body can also lead to dry skin. Lanolin balms can provide additional moisture to the areas that are dry and rife with acne scars.

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