The best formula to protect your hands from dryness and irritation

The best formula to protect your hands from dryness and irritation

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The widespread advice of washing our hands made us overcautious, and the overuse of different sanitizing products can lead to dry or cracked skin. Yes, sanitization is indeed important in these tough times. However, the incorrect use of sanitizing products can have multiple side effects. For example, 2020 had several reports showing how hand sanitizers led to skin shedding, thereby causing discomfort to the hands. That’s enough reason to make us aware of the importance of moisturizing our hands.

When hands get unduly dry, the oils in the skin get removed, which causes redness and itching. Additionally, the pH of the skin removes its protective lipids in the process. At times, irritation can become extreme and last longer.

 Dryness and irritation can also happen:

  • When using soap and not washing your hands properly, soap particles are left on your skin, and the chemicals interact with your skin and cause irritation.
  • In the Winter. It’s a cold fact; if you do not take care of your skin/hands during colder weather,
    you are welcoming dry hands and damaged skin.
  • With excess water. However unfair it may seem, excess contact with water also affects our skin

Ironically, the means mentioned above are supposed to protect our hands, yet the damage seems evident.

Since alcohol is the major component in most sanitizers, it’s also important to know what other ingredients are used in the product.

Moisturizing sanitizers can rescue you!

Alcohol is an important component in sanitizers due to its germ-killing properties. It kills bacteria and fungi on the hands while also stopping some viruses. However, alcohol has a drying effect on your hands/skin and can lead to dryness and irritation…

If the sanitizer has other skin conditioning agents such as lanolin, that emolliently enhances the product, it is easier on the skin. In addition, such components in the sanitizer negate the side effects of alcohol present in the product. That makes moisturizing hand sanitizers one of the best solutions for dried and damaged hands.

Lanolin present in hand sanitizers adds the moisturizing and hydrating element. You can always rely on lanolin products to keep your hands moisturized and smooth. Lanolin is known to be an occlusive moisturizer, meaning it helps reduce water loss from the skin and is an important contributor to several skincare products and creams.

Other uses:

  • Lanolin is a key ingredient in many hand washes and wet wipes as well as a moisturizer
  • You can use lanolin to moisturize and soften your skin. It is especially a popular solution for wrinkles as it improves the dry, rough and flaky portion.
  • Lanolin works wonders to keep your hair moist and smooth. Apply it to wet hair and comb. The hair will remain smooth even after drying.
  • Lanolin is often used in lip balms to protect your lips from drying. A study suggests lanolin lip balms were extremely useful for cancer patients after the chemotherapy made the lip dry. Read More
  • Breastfeeding can crack the nipples and make them dry. Very pure lanolin can heal the cracked nipples while also ensuring the safety of the newborn.

COVID hit the world and then left our hands and lives dry. While everyone is trying their best to fix the latter, moisturizers can easily help you with the former. With the help of lanolin based moisturizing hand sanitizer (and also Lanolin based Hand washes and Wet Wipes), you can smoothen your hands with little or no effort.

So, the next time you buy your sanitizers, make sure that it contains lanolin. With this, the sanitizer kills germs, protects your hands, and keeps them soft and smooth!

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