Top Ten Cool Facts About Lanolin

Top Ten Cool Facts About Lanolin

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Here are the top ten fascinating facts about lanolin that you might not know:-

        1. Lanolin is being used since ancient times

The historic use of lanolin has been well documented over the ages. The earliest use of lanolin was documented in 90 A.D. Pedanius Dioscorides - the infamous ancient Greek physician and pharmacologist included Lanolin in his encyclopedias of medical ingredients which have been used for more than 1500 years. Even ancient Egyptians are recorded to have been lanolin users. They used blocks of lanolin to keep on their heads. The hot sun would melt the lanolin blocks and coat/ protect their skin- keeping it soft.

        2. Lanolin was developed into a cream 100 years ago

Over 100 years ago a chemist names Isaac Lifshutz used lanolin to develop the world’s first true skin cream. What makes this cooler, is that it’s now called by the brand “Nivea”.

        3. Lanolin is used in pharmaceutical products

Lanolin may be an age-old item used since the ancient times, but this is the one product that is legitimately proven so good that even today’s topical pharmaceutical products/creams use lanolin as their main ingredient. 

        4. Lanolin’s emulsifying and skin-protecting properties were first recorded in 1935

The skin-protecting properties of Lanolin were proved by Twort & Twort in 1935. Lanolin accelerates the skin’s ability to repair natural barrier functions and far from being something that causes issues- lanolin is a proven counter-irritant. Twort & Twort then wrote a review on the Journal of Hygiene detailing the protective powers of lanolin- stating its incorporation in the lips of the top surface of the skin’s barrier function- offering a higher level of protection from dangers in the surroundings/environment.

         5. In 1953 Lanolin was proposed as a hypoallergenic substance

In 1953, M.B. Sulzberger’s research at the Skin & Cancer Unit at New York Hospital University proved that Lanolin is hypoallergenic - testing it on 1048 patients from which 99% were found to be not allergic to lanolin.

         6. Lanolin Testing studies in 1975 further proved its hypoallergenic properties

Further studies were conducted in 1975 testing lanolin for proving its safety v/s irritability on skin. This was one of the largest studies carried out by E.W. Clark and remains to be the most definitive one to date. The results of this survey-based in Sweden and Great Britain proved that the probability of lanolin allergy was less than a whopping 6 people per million, i.e. 0.0006%; almost negligible.

        7. In 1980 Lanolin was proved to have the ability to reduce skin roughness by 40% in 1 hour

The Westbrook Lanolin Company, in the 1980s, proved that lanolin could help soften and reduce skin roughness by 40% in just one hour and 50% in two hours.

        8. Lanolin has the capacity to stay on your skin for more than 8 hours

In 1999, Beiersdorf AG displayed the skin bioengineering studies which demonstrated the durational effect and the skin emulsifying/smoothening effects of lanolin. These studies proved that lanolin lasts for many hours on the skin and it has the capacity of lasting more than eight hours once applied.

        9. Lanolin can hold over 200% of its own weight of water

Lanolin is popularly known for holding more than 200% of its own weight of water and acting as moisture storage to help maintain the hydration of the skin.

        10. Lanolin was recognized as essential pharma ingredient in the 1980s

During the ’80s lanolin became recognized as an essential ingredient in general skin products as well as in topical pharmaceutical products – like ointments, creams, balms, gels, and other skin/facial care products. In fact, you can find lanolin listed as the key ingredient in most of the topical pharmaceutical products to date.

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